Do You Worry About Your Pet And A New Cleaning Service?

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Cleaning up a house with pets is important for sanitary reasons that affect both you and your animal family members. However, if you have recently hired a professional cleaning service, like Service King, then the first cleaning day requires a little preparation. Learn more about steps to take when hiring a new home cleaning service.

Are You An Animal Lover?

Never hire someone to come into your home with your pets if it is clear that person is not an animal lover. Ask if that person has pets and learn more about them. Listening to how someone talks about their own pets can give you important insight about how your pet will be treated by that person. For this part of hiring a service or an individual to clean your house, it is a good idea to follow your instincts and gut feelings. If a person makes you feel uncomfortable, you can safely bet that your animals are feeling the same way. Also, when learning more about a cleaning service, be sure to ask if the cleaning products they use are safe for use around pets. The adverse effects of some chemicals can be deadly for your pets.

Tell The Cleaning Service About Your Pets Ahead of Time.

If your pets are fearful of strangers, telling the cleaning service about them is important. To avoid bad incidents with your pets and the professionals cleaning your house, planning ahead is best. Moving a fearful pet into a room that will not be cleaned is best for your animal to experience the least amount of stress. Putting your pet into a kennel with his or her favorite toys is a good idea for ensuring their feeling of safety and security. When the cleaning service knows what to expect from your pets before they arrive, their chances of getting bitten or scratched are reduced dramatically.

Protect Your Pet And The Cleaners.

Taking the time to introduce your pets to the cleaners is always a good idea. This is especially true if your house will be cleaned sometimes while you are gone. However, for being safe and not sorry later on, providing a quiet place away from the people cleaning is the best way to go for everyone involved. Always ask your cleaning service professionals to remember your pet's name in case of an emergency that would require it to apprehend or protect your animal.

Making sure your home is clean and free of disease-causing germs when you have pets inside is smart, and preparing both the cleaning service and your pet will make this service go smoothly for all parties.