The Important Reasons Why You Need To House Train Your Dog

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Millions of people are dog owners, and many of them keep their dogs indoors. If you dog live in your house with you and you are having a hard time house training him, you should know that some serious health risks are associated with animal urine and feces in your home, particularly on the carpeting. Learning more about the reasons why you need to make sure your dog is house broken is an essential aspect of being a responsible pet owner.

Your Dog's Urine Can Cause Serious Respiratory Problems

Nothing can be more frustrating than catching your dog urinating on the carpet right after you took him out to do it. However, taking steps to prevent your canine friend from urinating on your carpet is smart for more reasons than just the thought of it being unclean. Canine urine, like most other species' urine, contains high levels of ammonia. Breathing in ammonia can cause serious respiratory problems, especially in people that have issues like lung disease or asthma. If you are having trouble house breaking your dog, you might consider making him a home outdoors. You can also discuss your options for more effective training with your veterinarian as well.

Parasites And The Dog Feces Your On Your Carpeting

While the smell alone is enough to cause you to scrub the carpeting where your dog defecated with several strong scented cleaners, you should know that some of the parasites in dog feces are microscopic. Microscopic parasites like thread worms, tapeworms and hookworms can remain in carpeting after you clean it with various strong household cleansers. Consider if your child plays on the same area of carpeting later on. For this reason, having your carpeting cleaned by professionals like KC Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners on a regular basis is extremely important.

A Word About Campylobacteriosis

Campylobacteriosis is caused by the bacterium campylobacter and is a food-borne condition that causes severe diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain. People with compromised immune systems can especially be susceptible to campylobacteriosis. Small children and elderly people are also at greater risk of this food-borne illness. If your dog is leaving feces in your floor, especially on carpeting where bacteria can hide, you could be at risk for contracting campylobacteriosis. The most effective ways to ensure your home is free of this type of bacterium is to house train your dog and have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly.

Owning a dog is a great responsibility you should never take lightly. Providing the best care for your canine companion means you taking steps to inhibit serious health risks, especially those related to sanitation.