4 Ways to Keep Your Oriental Rug Looking Great

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An oriental rug can be a wonderful decorative addition to your home decor. However, oriental rugs can be expensive, and you probably want to protect your investment. Unless you are using the rug as a wall hanging, it can be difficult to keep it spotless. Still, there are things that you can do to keep your rug in great shape. Here are a few of them:

Spot Clean

No matter how careful you are, at some point, your rug will probably get stained. It's best not to let the spot sit for a prolonged period. Remove it immediately using a neutral pH rug-cleaning solution or white vinegar and water. Before applying the cleaning solution, be sure to blot away any excess liquid from the spot.

To make the vinegar solution, mix one part vinegar with three parts filtered or distilled water. The minerals in tap water can further stain your oriental rug. 

If you use a rug cleaning solution, it should be mild and ammonia free. Soaps and harsh detergents can cause natural dyes, which are sometimes made of vegetable extracts, to bleed or fade.

Professionally Clean

Once a year, have your oriental rug cleaned professionally. If your rug shows no signs of being soiled, you may be able to wait longer between professional cleanings. Here are a few ways to check the cleanliness of your rug:

  1. Use the kick test. Lift a corner of your rug and kick the back of the rug. If a cloud of dust or dirt appears, it's time for a professional cleaning. 
  2. Rub the nap of your rug vigorously for a few seconds with the palm of your hand. Take a look at your palm and fingers. If they look dirty, your rug needs to be cleaned.
  3. Bend the rug, with the nap of the rug facing upward. Look at the base of the piling. If the base looks dirty, your vacuum may be unable to reach the debris. A professional cleaning is needed. 


By vacuuming often, you can remove abrasive dirt particles that can wear away the nap of your rug. When you vacuum, be sure to check the back of the rug for dirt that has reached the other side. Turning your rug over and vacuuming the back surface a few times each year can further protect your investment.


Every now and then, relocate your rug to adjust the amount of foot traffic received. If one particular area of the rug receives the most traffic, your rug will wear unevenly over time. 

Your oriental rug requires care to remain looking its best. If your rug has started to look dingy or soiled, call a professional oriental rug cleaning service today.