Lint Blues: How To Prevent Lint & How To Remove It If It's Too Late

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You know what lint is, and you know how it can make your favorite piece of clothing look. Do not fret, there are a few things you can do to prevent lint from occurring and dealing with it once it has. The following are a few simple tricks to consider.

Lint-Prevention Tips

Consider the following to keep your clothes lint-free:


Yes, lint-nightmares do begin with how you sort your clothes. You probably already know that you should separate your colors. But, how do you separate clothes that will cause lint and those that are more likely to attract it?

The following are lint producers:

The following are clothes that attract lint:

Be sure to keep the aforementioned materials separated.

Check Lint Traps

The dryer usually has a lint filter, which is usually located in the front of your dryer on the bottom. Clean this compartment and filter periodically. Old washers also have a filter, which is usually on the top side of your washer. This needs to be checked and cleaned as well. You can check where either of these are in your owner's manual.

New washers have a self-cleaning lint-cleaning compartment. This compartment needs to be serviced from time to time.

You can talk to your cleaning service specialist about other things that you can do to prevent lint. You should know that air drying is the safest options against lint.

Dealing With Lint

There are other ways to deal with lint-covered clothes beside using a lint-removing roller or a razor blade to carefully remove lint off your clothes. Consider the following solutions:

The Vinegar Solution

Vinegar contains acids that help relax your fibers and loosen some of the lint on your clothes. Wash your lint-covered clothes with 1 cup of distilled vinegar. Place your clothes in your dryer and add some clean microfiber clothes. Make sure you set your dryer to the air only mode. The microfiber should attract any lint to produce lint-free clothes.

Static Shock

Use clean rubber gloves and caress your clothes with them. This action, of course, should eventually create static electricity that will attract the lint on your clothes.

You can also just opt to take your clothes to a dry cleaning specialist like Chris French Cleaners to take care of your problem. You can also ask them for other tips to remove lint yourself, too. As you can see, though, preventing and dealing with lint is not such a big deal as long as you know what to do.