4 Great Cleaning Uses For Baking Soda

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If you want to start cleaning with more natural products, look no further than your container of baking soda. Baking soda can be used to clean numerous areas of your house. Here are four areas of your house that you can try to clean with baking soda today.

#1 Oven

To clean your oven, you are first going to want to use a scrub brush to gently scrape away and remove any loose burnt material from the bottom and sides of your oven. Then, take baking soda and sprinkle it on to of any spots where burnt material has gathered inside of your oven. Then, take a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and gently spray the baking soda. This will create a bubbly reaction that you should allow to fizzle for about a half hour or so; this will help break down the build-up inside of your oven.

After the fizzing had died down, use a wired scrub brush to work at the burn spots inside of your oven. They should come loose much easier now. Then, remove all residue with a damp cloth. You may need to wipe down the inside of your oven a few times to get rid of all the build-up material that you loosened.

#2 Drains

Baking soda combined with white vinegar can also work really well on your drains. Put equal parts baking soda followed by white vinegar down your drains, and let the two substances work together for about fifteen minutes. Then, pour a pot of boiling hot water down the drain in question. This should help break-up and remove any buildup or blockage in your drains.

#3 Countertops

You can clean and sanitize your countertops by mixing equal parts of your favorite dish soap with baking soda. This will create a stellar cleaning solution that will remove any build-up dirt off your countertops and will also sanitize them at the same time, without the side effect of leaving behind chemical residue like traditional kitchen and bathroom countertop cleaners do.

#4 Shower

Finally, baking soda also works really well inside of your shower. Sprinkle it around the base of your shower or tub, and get it a little bit damp with some water, and scrub away. It should effectively remove any of the soap scum that has built up in your shower or bathtub area.

Try using baking soda in one of the five areas listed above today; you'll be surprised at how effectively baking soda can clean the areas listed above, all without the use of the normal harsh cleaning chemicals. 

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