When Your Cleaning Services Do Not Bring Their Own Supplies: How To Prepare For Their Visits

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There are some cleaning companies that do not supply their own cleaners or equipment. The reason for this is that it provides more affordable housekeeping services for clients who would prefer that their maids and housekeepers use very specific cleaners. If you have hired a cleaning service that relies on you to provide cleaning supplies and equipment, here is how you can prepare for their visits.

Charge up All Rechargeable Vacuums, Electric Sweepers and Electric Mopping or Wiping Devices

If you have a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum, wet vacuum, mop or wiping device, make sure all of these are fully charged and easily accessible for your cleaning team. Since you are providing them with the equipment they need to complete their tasks, they rely on you to have these machines ready. Otherwise, you will have to be flexible and accept that certain tasks may go incomplete until the maids'/housekeepers' next visit.

Stock a Full Pantry of Cleaning Supplies

If you have some preferred cleaning supplies, make sure you have more than enough on hand. For example, some homeowners prefer that only bleach be used in every room of the house and/or that only paper towels be used to wipe off the cleaning solution. Whatever your preferences are, be sure to have an adequate supply and be sure to tell your cleaning crew exactly what you want used and where you expect those supplies to be used. It helps them clean your home exactly the way you want it cleaned.

Pick up Things You Do Not Want Tossed Out

Cleaning teams are not typically organizing teams. They come, they clean, and everything on the floors or left in the way may end up in the trash. If you have a lot of papers, receipts and/or other private and potentially important things lying around, you may want to pick them up. (It is not that the maids or housekeepers are indiscriminate; it is just that they do not know what is important to you versus what they see on the floors and hard surfaces.) While this may mean that you will have to do a little light clean-up before your cleaning team arrives, it does ensure that a more thorough and effective cleaning job is completed by the team. It may even motivate you to be a little more organized so that you do not have to pick up quite so much on the days when you are expecting your maids/housekeepers to arrive.

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