Benefits Of Having Your Stone Floors Resurfaced

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If the stone or concrete floors in your home are beginning to look dull or lackluster, replacing them can be an expensive option. If you want to preserve your flooring or have a few repairs made to some damaged areas, you can opt to resurface them. Floor resurfacing is a way to make them look like new again without having to drop a fortune to do it. Once you contact a professional contractor, here are some benefits that they will share with you.

Deep Cleaning And Resealing

Before the pros begin working on your stone refinishing project, they will inspect all aspects of your flooring first. They will check for:

At this time, any cost estimates regarding repairs or special sealants will be addressed. If you're planning on upgrading or having other floors in your home worked on, take this into consideration regarding the outcome of the overall work estimate.

Stain And Scratch Removal

If you have stains on your stone floors that have soaked into the flooring, it may seem like those pieces are ruined. Most resurfacing pros can hone in on these deep stains and buff the area out—creating a smooth, polished finish that transitions flawlessly. If you have scratches on your stone floor from furniture or animal traffic, a good floor resurfacing pro can buff out these scratches and create a like-new finish once again.

Fixes Minor Cracks Or Breaks

In some cases, your stone flooring may need a lot of work. If pieces are missing, coming apart or cracking down the middle, you may not have to repair the entire floor. Most pros work hard to match up stone pieces, resurface the entire floor and buff it out to a flawless shine. For small cracks or breaks, the areas can be filled in and then buffed out to a smooth finish.

Cleans And Repairs Cracked Or Missing Grout Areas

If the grout on your tile is dirty or missing in areas, in some cases, you can have these areas repaired as part of the resurfacing process. If the grout is in good condition, your contractor will polish it to remove any oxidation, dirt or stains on the top, visible layer. From there, a polishing coat will reveal a visibly cleaner surface.  To complete, a sealant may be applied to form a protective layer that will lock in the appearance of a shiny, new, clean stone tile floor.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to bring your floor back to life, the end result will definitely improve appearances. Contact your local contractor today to set up an appointment for stone floor resurfacing. Contact a business like Marble Tec Systems for more information.