Times to Consider Having Your Carpets Cleaned More Often Than Once a Year

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The manufacturer of your carpet may recommend cleaning it once each year to remove dirt and protect the carpet fibers. However, there is no set rule for how often a carpet should be cleaned. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need your carpets cleaned a few times a year to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Here are some factors that influence how often to have your carpets cleaned by a professional.

You Have Allergies

Carpeting and allergies are often a bad mix since carpets hold onto dust and dust mites that can trigger your allergy symptoms. You may be able to live comfortably with carpet as long as you vacuum often and deep clean the carpet on a regular schedule to keep dust mites to a minimum. You may have to let your allergy symptoms be your guide when it comes to the frequency of cleaning you choose. Carpet can also hold onto pollen and other irritants, so you may need to clean the carpets in the spring or summer in addition to regular cleaning for dust mites. If your symptoms improve after having your carpets cleaned, then consider having your carpets cleaned again in a few months if your symptoms return.

You Have Dogs and Cats

Pets make life more enjoyable, but that doesn't make them any less stinky. Your pets spend a lot of time on the floor so it doesn't take long for their hair to get wound into the fibers and for their dander and body odor to cling to the carpet. Regular vacuuming helps with hair removal, but deep cleaning is often needed to get rid of pet odors. Remember, you get used to how your pets smell so you may not notice their odor, but guests will. When you have pets, you may want more frequent carpet cleaning or you may want to schedule an extra cleaning before you have house guests or before holidays when drop-in company is likely.

There's a Smoker in the House

If you live with a smoker who smokes inside the house, even if it's just occasionally, the fibers in the carpet will hold onto the cigarette odor. Just like with pets, you get used to the odor of stale cigarettes and don't realize how bad it makes your house smell. Even if you keep a clean house and vacuum and wipe down surfaces daily, the odor won't leave carpeting until the carpet is deep cleaned and deodorized. Once a year may not be often enough to clean your carpet when you have a smoker in the house.

Your House Gets a Lot of Foot Traffic

Families differ in how much wear they put on carpets over the course of the year. A home with a retired couple who rarely entertain will put much less foot traffic on a carpet than a large family and whose kids have other kids over on a daily basis. The more people inside your house, the more dirt that gets tracked inside. Your home has natural footpaths that everyone tends to follow from the front door to the couch or to the kitchen. These paths get worn and dirty fast. Even if you don't need the carpets in your entire house cleaned as often, you probably want the high-traffic areas cleaned a few times a year to keep stains lifted out and to protect the fibers.

If you're unsure if it's time to get your carpets cleaned, you can always contact a professional company, such as Go Green Carpet Cleaning. These professionals can give you advice for your specific home.