2 Tips For Removing A Ketchup Stain Out Of A Shirt That Is Dry Clean Only

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While enjoying a meal, you may have dropped a dallop of ketchup on your shirt and are afraid it will leave a stain. However, since the shirt can only be dry cleaned, you cannot simply soak it in water or toss it into the washing machine. To keep the stain from setting up, use the following tipsto help get the ketchup out of your dry clean only shirt.

1.  Remove as Much of the Ketchup as Possible

When you drop ketchup on your shirt, it leaves a thick, gloppy mess that must be removed as soon as possible so that it does not continue to soak into the fabric. However, if you simply start wiping it with a napkin, you will only grind the ketchup into the fabric, spreading the stain and setting it into the fibers.

To safely remove a drop of ketchup without spreading it around, scrape a knife under the drop, and direct it toward a napkin or towel that is laid adjacent to the stain. Then, use a clean white cloth dampened with a little water to blot up as much of the stain as possible. 

As the cloth becomes dirty, switch to a different section to keep from recontaminating the fabric. Do this until you get as much of the ketchup out as possible.

2.  Blot the Stain with Uncut White Distilled Vinegar

Once you have gotten rid of the excess, the next thing you should do to keep the ketchup stain from setting in is to blot it with white distilled vinegar. However, make sure you use it without watering it down, as the water could damage the fabric.

Wet a different clean white cloth with the vinegar, and start blotting the stain. As in the previous section, switch places whenever the cloth becomes dirty. Repeat this blotting step until you no longer see any ketchup.

After removing as much of the stain that you can see, allow the vinegar to air dry to give it time to neutralize any remaining ketchup. Then, blot the area with a slightly damp cloth to remove the rinse.

Even if you think you have completely removed the stain, you should still have it professionally cleaned before any remaining residue leaves a permanent mark. If you find that you have trouble finding time to take your clothes, consider contacting delivery dry cleaners services like rockwood dry cleaners to see what options they have that can make the process easier.