Dry Cleaning Your Garments

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Depending on your particular garments, you may need to use a dry cleaning service in order to get them cleaned. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect assumption that people will hold about dry cleaning. Correcting these faulty assumptions can be vital for ensuring you are properly caring for your garments that need to be dry cleaned.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Is Only For Lightly Soiled Clothes

Individuals may fail to appreciate that dry cleaning can be effective for cleaning both lightly soiled garments and those that have stains on them. While dry cleaning may not be able to completely remove deep stains, it can be possible for dry cleaners to apply treatments that can greatly reduce the visibility of these stains. You will want to let the dry cleaner know about the stain when you drop off the garment as there may be additional costs for a deep stain treatment for the stained items.

Myth: You Can Hand-Wash "Dry-Clean-Only" Garments

Some people may want to avoid the need to take their garments to a dry cleaning service. This can lead to them attempting to hand-wash these garments. Unfortunately, this can be extremely damaging for these garments, and it may even ruin them. When a garment is dry-cleaned, it will be submerged in specialized chemicals that can loosen and remove soil from the garment. This solution is then extracted from the garment using a vacuuming process. Next, the garment will be steam pressed so that it will be free of noticeable wrinkles when it is returned to you. As a result, the garment will only be wet for an extremely short period of time, which can allow it to avoid suffering damage.

Myth: It Will Always Take Days To Get Your Garments Back

You may assume that a dry cleaning service will be extremely slow to use. This can cause individuals to delay having their garments cleaned. However, most dry cleaning services will be able to provide individuals with a fairly short turnaround time. For example, some of these providers may be able to have garments that were dropped off in the morning ready for pickup by that evening. The exact time will depend on the current workload of the dry cleaners, but you may be able to request a rush cleaning. This can be essential for those who realize they need drying cleaning done for an event or meeting that may have arisen on short notice.