Which Type of Deep Carpet Cleaning Do You Need for Your Home?

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If you are in the middle of spring cleaning, you may wonder what kind of deep cleaning you should do for your carpets. Although vacuuming can help your carpets stay clean on a day-to-day basis, it's important to do a deep clean at least once a year to pick up oils and other pathogens that a vacuum can't pick up. Read on to learn the pros and cons of different deep cleaning options at your disposal.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampoo works great for homes with lots of foot traffic since the shampoo can loosen up soil and dirt from people's shoes. Carpet shampoos smell great and the shampooing machines are easy to use and affordable to rent.

The main downside of carpet shampooing is that it takes a long time for the carpets to dry afterward. You may have to wear booties temporarily or avoid walking in certain areas of your home until the carpet dries completely. You'll want to wait to walk on it because walking could compress soap residue into the carpet fibers; this residue can act as an adhesive and hold onto dust.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning machines work by breaking down dirt and grime in the carpets with extreme temperatures from water vapor. Steam cleaning is vital for households with smokers or those with allergies since this method can remove tobacco residue and allergen spores. Steam cleaning is also a good option for families with pets or young children. Steam can remove dander and kill fleas that your pets might be leaving in the carpet. Because the steam cleaners only use water vapor and mild detergents, they are safe to use around young children compare to other options.

The main downside of steam cleaners is that they can be more costly or harder to find if you want to rent one. You may need to hire a cleaning service to come to your house if you want steam cleaning. While steam cleaning takes less time to dry than a full shampoo, it will still take more time for your carpets to dry compared to dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

When people think of dry cleaning, they may think of services that clean their nice suits and dresses; however, there are dry cleaning options for carpets as well. The main advantage of dry cleaning is that there is almost no drying time since the carpet is cleaned through chemical agents. If you have expensive area rugs that could be damaged by steam or shampooing, then dry cleaning is the way to go so they aren't damaged. The main downside of dry cleaning is that the chemicals can be harsh on the environment, and they can have a strong odor that takes a while to dissipate. 

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