All About Your Home's Floor Cleaning

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It's important for you to clean your floors on your own regularly to avoid a wide range of issues. On top of that, you are going to want to make sure you have your floors routinely cleaned by professionals according to what is suggested to keep the floors in the best shape. You can learn more about flooring and its proper care and cleaning by reading the rest of this article. 

Why regular cleaning is important

Carpet - If you have carpet flooring, then you need to vacuum it regularly. When you vacuum the carpet, things like dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet fur and danger will be picked up. This will keep the home looking better and smelling better. It will also help to reduce the number of allergens in your home. Plus, vacuuming is important when it comes to keeping the carpet in good shape because without it, the carpet will get flat and need to be replaced sooner. 

Tile - If you have tile flooring, then you want to sweep and mop it regularly. You should mop the tile floors with a flat mop, warm water, and mild dish soap or another mild soap. Make sure you get all the water up when you are mopping so it doesn't settle in the grout. You should also take a sponge or a nylon brush to scrub the grout if something has been spilled that can end up leaving it stained. 

Hardwood - If you have hardwood flooring, then you are going to want to sweep and mop it regularly. You can mop it with a mild soap, warm water, and a mop of your choosing. You don't want to allow water to pool or sit on the floor too long, or it can lead to streaking or warping of the flooring. If you have stubborn marks on the hardwood flooring to clean up, then you want to use a nylon brush or a toothbrush to scrub them. Never use something like a scouring pad or steel wool on the hardwood floor because it will damage the finish. 

Why professional cleaning is important

If you have carpet, then you want to have it professionally steam-cleaned once a year to once every year and a half. Professional cleaning gets dirt your vacuum and personal steam cleaner can't, and it will remove stubborn stains you failed to remove. If you have tile floors, professional cleaning will get dirt up from the grout that you haven't been able to with your home products and prevent it from causing your floor to look bad and become damaged as time goes on. Investing in professional cleaning will ensure all of the dirt that you haven't been able to get up is removed and that the shine and allure of the wood floor are brought back.

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