Why Schedule Exterior Pressure Washing When Selling Your House?

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Is your house looking a bit jaded on the outside, yet you want to put it up for sale? Naturally, your house's brightness will fade as the years pass.  Dust and grime will build up on the walls in a fine coat that makes the color fade. If you are selling the house, you need to make it look as new. Washing off the grime is a quick way of restoring your home's color and brightness. Why should you schedule exterior power washing when selling your house?

Restore Curb Appeal Quickly 

What do you do when a potential client schedules an urgent viewing of the house? You could arrange for a new coat of paint, but that would take almost a week. Exterior pressure cleaning is a quick option to clean the exterior spaces. A professional crew can clean a standard house in a day. 

Exterior pressure cleaning removes dirt and mud that have hardened on the walls. This caked dirt is hard to wash away with water and brush. Pressure washing is very effective in cleaning off such kind of stubborn dirt on the walls.

Restoring curb appeal must go beyond cleaning the walls. You must also work on the fencing, driveway, and decking. These surfaces have even more stubborn dirt than the house walls. Exterior pressure washing is very effective in cleaning these surfaces in a short time. Your home regains its curb appeal in a day or two. 

Restore Home as a Healthy Space

It would give an awful impression if a buyer came to view the house and left sneezing because of allergens on the house surfaces. In the spring, there is a lot of pollen in the air. Some of it settles on your house walls and other surfaces like the decking. Mold spores also grow on darkly lit spaces and become a hazard to respiratory health. 

Pressure washing is effective in eliminating these allergens. You can add a detergent to the water to make the cleaning more effective against these micro-organisms. The health benefits continue even if the house does not sell.

Priming the Surface for Painting 

Cleaning off dirt is the first step when you want to refinish or repaint the exteriors. While pressure washing restores brightness to the house, a fresh coat of paint can prolong the fresh look. Your house may be on the market for a long time. Exterior pressure washing is handy for priming the surfaces If you choose to repaint or refinish the exteriors.

Would you like to boost your home's marketability? Talk to cleaning services for more details about exterior pressure washing.