How Hood Cleaning Can Benefit Your Commercial Kitchen

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Commercial kitchens exist in many different places, from restaurants to schools and many other facilities. Any kitchen producing a high volume of food will have a vent hood over the stove that needs regular cleaning to ensure it is working and safe. A commercial kitchen hood cleaning service is often the best way to ensure that the entire system gets cleaned correctly.

Lowering Fire Risk

Cleaning the vent hood and filters in your kitchen regularly is an excellent start to ensuring the system is safe to use, but grease and oils from the cooking process can get past the filters and could allow a fire to spread through the vent system if it is not kept clean. Hiring a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service is the only way to clean the upper half of the system, so it is vital to have a service take care of it for you. 

The kitchen crew may do an excellent job of keeping the filters and hood clean, but there are often areas that are hard to reach where grease and particles can build up. Having a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service deep clean the entire vent system a couple of times a year can reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen and save you some money on your insurance policy.

Lowering Food Contamination Risk

Over time, the kitchen vent hood over your stove will accumulate food particles in places that are hard to see or if the hood is not kept clean. If any particles fall from the hood, they could contaminate the food you prepare and potentially make someone sick. 

Having a cleaning crew from a commercial kitchen vent cleaning service deep clean your vent hood can help stop this from happening. When the service cleans the hood, they will use high-pressure water to remove anything on the surface of the metal hood and chemicals that will ensure no bacteria or food particles are left behind. 

After the cleaning crew is done, the hood and vent system will look new and be safe to use. How often you have a deep cleaning done on your vent hood can vary by the type of foods you prepare and the amount of food you cook in the kitchen. 

The local health codes may also dictate a cleaning requirement for your business type, so check with your area's health inspector or health department for details. Most commercial kitchen hood cleaning services are familiar with the laws in the area as well, so you can call and ask when you should clean the hood, how much it will cost for your system, and what the legal requirements are.