About Mold & Professional Remediation

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Allergies are annoying to suffer from, especially during the periods in which symptoms are flaring up more than usual. It is not unusual for allergies to flare up during certain times of the year, but a sudden rise in flare-ups that only happens at home should be a concern. The reason is that experiencing allergy attacks at home might be due to there being mold present somewhere in the house. If you are unsure if mold is in your home or not, experiencing unusual allergy attacks should be a solid reason to contact a mold remediation company. Mold remediation experts can inspect your home for mold and remove the spores.

What Happens During a Mold Assessment?

When your home is assessed for mold, a contractor will walk around the property to find out where the mold is located. If you have seen any mold, let the contractor know where it is located in your home. The contractor will also inspect areas of your home that could have mold spores, such as in the HVAC system vents and under the kitchen sink. The assessment will also include the use of a piece of equipment to check the air quality in your home. Upon completion of the assessment, the contractor will be able to let you know if mold is present and the severity of the problem.

How Is the Mold Remediation Performed?

Repairing the root of the problem that led to mold development will be done during the beginning of the mold remediation process. The rooms in your home where mold was found will then be sealed off, which is necessary to keep the spores contained during the removal process. Moldy surfaces will then be cleaned, and the air will be misted to get rid of spores that are in the air. The rooms that are being remediated will be dried out after mold is removed via the use of commercial fans and dehumidifiers. If any damage was done to access and remove mold, repairs will be made.

Will Mold Spores Reappear After Removal?

Mold spores can return after removal if professionals are not hired. However, if you hire skilled professionals, you should not have to worry about mold returning soon after the remediation process. After the mold is removed from your home, the remediation contractors will give you tips on preventing mold from developing in the future. For example, keeping humidity levels down is important for mold prevention.