2 Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Keeping the carpet in your business clean is important. That's because you want your business to make a good impression on any customers who walk into your business. The best way to make sure that your carpet is nice and clean is to hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to come to your business and clean your carpets. The carpet cleaner has several cleaning methods that the carpet cleaner can use.  

Hot Water Extraction

You might also hear this process called steam cleaning. The way that this works is that the machine is filled with a cleaning agent and hot water. The cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet and then a brush on the machine is used to scrub the carpeting. That will help to lift the dirt out of the carpet. The cleaners will let the cleaning chemicals sit on the rug for a little while to help get any more dirt out of the fibers and dissolve difficult dirt. After sitting for a little while, the cleaners will rinse off the carpet by shooting clean hot water into the carpet. The water will be under pressure, which will blast anything out of the carpet. Generally, the machines will also suck the soapy water and the rinse water up at the same time it's being rinsed. Otherwise, the cleaners may go back for another pass to suck up all the water. This process leaves the carpet wet, so it's best to do this at the end of your business day or on the weekend so the carpet has time to dry. 


This method has become a very common choice. It has a shorter drying time, it is more environmentally friendly, and the results are generally good. The one instance when the results aren't as good is when the carpet is very heavily soiled. To perform a carpet encapsulation, the cleaning techs will spray a foam all over the carpet. As the foam dries, it turns into a powder. The powder will grab the dirt in the carpeting and encapsulate it in the powder. When all the foam has turned into powder, the techs will brush or vacuum up the powder, leaving a clean carpet behind. There will still be some drying time, but not as much. 

You want potential clients to have a good impression of your business from the moment when they walk into your business to when they get the service they need. One way to do that is to make sure that your offices look nice and neat. Getting your carpets cleaned will do that. 

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