Did You Buy An Old Home That Needs Work But Are Low On Cash? Expert Carpet Cleaning And Paint Is All You Need

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If purchasing a home has taken almost all your savings, but you want to make the home as clean, and modern as possible on a tight budget, there are some things you can do. With just a few changes and some work, you can make the house look drastically different in days.

Caring for the floors and changing the paint will go a long way. Here are professional services to look into so that you can be proud of the house that you just purchased.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning can make a big impact on the current condition of the carpeting. This should be your first option when trying to improve the look of the house. The professional carpet cleaning service will:

The carpeting will look much different after a professional cleaning, and the professionals may have to do the cleaning more than once. Be sure to ask for antibacterial cleaning agents, and scent enhancers if you are worried about the current odors in the space.

Carpet Dyeing

If the carpet cleaning helped, but there are still obvious stains, and you can't afford to replace all the carpeting and padding, inquire about the cost of carpet dyeing. Some carpet cleaning companies offer this service as well, or you can find a company that does this. This is an easy carpeting color cover-up at a low cost.

Wall Paint

Paint is a fast way to change the look of the entire house. Find a paint color that suits the modern look you're going for, get it at a local home improvement store, and DIY the painting if you can. This will make the interior look newer and can make the space look bigger and brighter if you pick a light and neutral color.

Just changing these two things is going to make a big impact when you want to move into a house that looks clean and newer, even if it's decades old. Talk with local carpet cleaning companies to see what the cost will be for them to start working on your carpet. They may want to come in and pre-treat some of the spots in advance if there are dark or large areas that need to be addressed. 

For more info about carpet cleaning, contact a local company.