3 Times To Have A Rug Professionally Cleaned

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Rugs don't stay clean on their own. You walk on them, and they collect dust and dirt. If you have pets then hair, fur, and dander will stick in a rug's fibers.

So, there will be times when you need to clean a rug. Your best option here is often to use a professional cleaning service. When is professional cleaning the best solution?

1. Your Rug Isn't Washable

You can wash some rugs. Some can be spot cleaned; others can go in a washer. However, many rugs aren't machine washable. You can't even wipe them down because their colors might run.

Even if you can run a rug through a washer, this isn't always an ideal solution. You might have to use a cold wash that doesn't get rid of stains. You also have to find a way to dry the rug without leaving a residual musty odor.

If you have a dirty rug that you can't easily clean, then a professional cleaning service is the answer. These companies understand how to clean even fragile materials without causing any damage. You get a more effective clean without drying problems.

2. Your Rug Is Badly Stained

Over time, rugs get dirty. You might spill drinks on them. Pets might leave behind greasy marks if they sleep on a rug. Your kids might transfer grease from their hands or stain the surface with paints, crayons, or modeling clays.

It's hard to remove these stains without causing collateral damage to other parts of the rug. Plus, if a rug is generally a little dirty, then the areas you do clean up will stand out. The rest of the rug might look dull and a different color.

Professional cleaners deal with stains more effectively. They also clean the whole rug so that it looks uniform. Your stains will disappear, and the whole rug will look fresh and bright.

3. Your Rug Triggers Your Allergies

Rugs don't just get surface stains. Their fibers also hold materials deep in their pile. For example, dust, dirt, pet hairs, and dander will lodge in the rug. You won't find it easy to get rid of these materials—even regular vacuuming won't pull out debris that is stuck at the bottom of fibers.

If you have allergies, then you might notice that they get worse if you haven't cleaned your rug recently. You might sneeze around the rug's area; your eyes might water a lot.

The best way to make a rug more allergy-friendly is to have a professional deep clean. Expert cleaners have the tools, products, and experience to remove allergens from rugs.

To make a start, contact a local professional rug cleaning service.