Carpet Care—Best Practices To Extend The Life Of Your Flooring

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If your home uses carpeting, effectively caring for this type of flooring can be instrumental in avoiding unnecessary wear or damage to the fibers of the carpeting. While individuals often assume that there is not much that can be done to improve the durability and lifespan of their carpeting, there are several steps that can be important options for limiting the cosmetic and structural issues the carpeted flooring can suffer.

Utilize Carpet Fabric Guards To Reduce Staining 

Discoloration is a common issue that carpeting can experience. In addition to deep staining occurring as a result of spills, it is also possible for general discoloration to occur due to normal use as this can actually grind dirt and dust particles deep into the fibers of the carpeting. The use of fabric guards can help to limit these from occurring as these guards may help to prevent pigments, dust and other particles from being able to work deep into the fibers of the carpeting. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to use fabric guards or they may go too long between applications. This can leave their carpeting extremely vulnerable to becoming discolored.

Have The Carpets Professionally Steam Cleaned 

Steam cleaning the carpets at regular intervals is an excellent way of eliminating much of the discoloration that could be causing problems for the carpeting. In fact, individuals will often be surprised at the amount of change that steam cleaning the carpeting is able to provide. More specifically, this can be especially important for areas of the home where high traffic can be expected, such as near entry doors or hallways. While steam cleaning is an important type of care for carpeting, individuals may not want to have to manage to transport the steam cleaning equipment to their homes or operate it. If this is the case for you, there are carpet cleaning services that can easily be scheduled to complete this type of work for your home.

Use An Emergency Spot Treatment For Any Spills That Occur To The Carpet

Despite your diligent efforts to avoid spills on the carpet, accidents are always a possibility. When a spill occurs, preventing permanent staining with carpet cleaning solutions will require a quick response to this issue. More specifically, there are spot treatment kits that can be used to quickly remove the pigment from the carpet. However, these treatments will have to be administered quickly if they are to be as effective as possible due to the ability of the pigment to soak deep into the fibers where it may be extremely difficult to remove.